Want to find out more about Slinging London, the people behind it and our aims? You’re in the right place!

who we are

Slinging London CIC is the main umbrella consisting of several smaller provisions; North & East London Sling Library lending services, a mobile Sling Library lending service, The Sling Space retailer, Slinging London Healthcare & Slinging London Transport.

our mission our people

what we do

We aim to help as many people as possible by covering a wide range of services. Here are just some of the services:



North London based sling retailer. Each sale made through the shop brings funds into the Outreach program run by Slinging London.



With branches located in several boroughs in North London, the libraries aim to make slings accessible to all. Free fittings and information, low cost sling rentals.

our other services

We want to make slings accessible to everyone who has the need. Just some of the key areas we are looking to work with:

our mission
– Providing assistance and help to families who wouldn’t normally be able to access our services

our mission
– Providing assistance on postnatal wards, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Special Care Baby Units, GP’s and Health Visiting Teams
our mission
– Helping families to use London Public Transport safely and quickly