Finding the right sling is quite a lot like finding a really good pair of jeans.  It needs to be practical, good quality, well-fitting and look good!

  • Practical so it suits your needs.  If you are going to using your sling outdoors at lot, you may not want one with long straps that trail on the floor.
  • Good quality, well that goes without saying really.  When it comes to carrying our precious cargos perfect quality is the bare minimum. And as we all know, a good quality pair of jeans will last far longer than the cheap versions, especially if you are wearing them almost every day
  • Well fitting. Everybody has different body shapes.  Slings are going to mould differently to our bodies.  A sling one person finds very uncomfortable the next person may find it is ‘THE’ sling for them, a dream fit.  There are varying amounts of structure or padding, angle of straps, type of material that all contribute towards the adjustability to get the perfect fit. This is where Sling Libraries come in, you can try on as many slings as you want for free! Find one that is guaranteed to work for you without the hassle of buying one and finding it doesn’t fit.
  • Looks good.  With the thousands of different types of carrier on the market it is really fun to look through and find one that suits your personality.  Then there are the work at home mums (WAHMs) and small carrier making businesses who make completely custom slings … there really are endless possibilities!

In the Sling Types section we have provided information on all the different types of sling available, their pro’s/con’s and popular brand names.  If you are unsure about the type of sling that is right for you, please do feel free to contact us to chat about your requirements or visit our sling help page to find out about our sling workshops and sling libraries