London is busy.  The roads are busy, the Underground is busy and the buses, trams and trains are busy.  We want to promote the use of slings and show people how much easier and safer it can be to navigate London with a sling than with a buggy.

  • Using a sling means that any bus is accessible, even if the buggy/wheelchair space is already full.
  • Using a sling on the Underground means you can easily step on and off the trains as you please, without having to ask people to move out of the way of the buggy and buggy space.
  • Do you take your child/children out by yourself?  Underground stations with stairs can be a nightmare without another adult with you, usually having to rely on others to help or bundle the buggy up the stairs by yourself.
  • Fancy a bit of shopping in the West End? Keep your child close whilst browsing the shops.  No dodging fast walking commuters or getting stuck behind leisurely wandering tourists. And no need to search for the lifts, just jump on the escalators with everyone else.

Need to get somewhere and it is raining? (This is England after all, it does happen!) No problem, a sling and an umbrella and you are both dry – beats wrestling an umbrella while you attempt to steer a buggy single handed!

We plan to work with transport providers in London to help them recognise and then promote the benefits of using slings to their customers.