There are lots of resources available to help you find the right sling for your family.

Sling meets are informal meet ups between sling users, sometimes with a sling consultant in attendance, where people can try on each other’s slings, chat about different ways of carrying and troubleshoot if anyone is having problems.  They are usually held in cafes or playgroups and there is often cake involved!  We hold regular sling meets, see our events page for information

Sling Libraries are weekly sessions held by qualified sling consultants and sling peer supporters where a stock of slings will be available for you to look at, try on and hire.  You will be fitted by a consultant to ensure you are able to use the sling confidently and safely. Hires start from £5 are for a minimum of 2 weeks to enable you to try it out in a variety of situations. There are branches in a number of locations around London, see our Sling Libraries page for details

Sling workshops are regular events held by qualified sling consultants, teaching groups of 4-10 people about a specific subject such as back carries with a woven wrap, ring sling master class or  buckle/tie on slings 101.  There are no limits to the workshop subjects we can offer so please get in contact if you would like something specific.

Sling Consultations are personal 1 to 1 sessions held in your home, the consultant’s home or a mutually convenient location, where you will get an in depth session teaching you how to carry your child in as many different slings as you would like to try.  A perfect opportunity to try new carries in a safe environment.  The consultant will ensure you are using the sling to its full potential and that you are safe.  The consultant can teach you how to use your own slings or they can provide some for you to try. For more information on this service, please see our Sling Consultants page.